The Legions


The Legions act as the sword and shield of Alera, fighting and defending against all of her enemies. Each of the High Lords, who each belong to a single major city of their namesake, are required to keep no more and no less than two legions.

Every Aleran citizen is required to serve a single tour with one of the Legions of Alera. Throughout this tour, the Legionaries learn to fight with the rank-and-file soldiers. They will also learn battlecraft, more so if they are particularly strong in their areas of crafting.

Shield Wall Tactics

The Shield Wall is the iconic strategy of the legions. It consists of organized lines of Legionaries using their shields to create an almost impenetrable wall of steel, choosing to wear down the enemy through extended combat.

With this training, all citizens have at least a rudimentary grasp of combat, and as such, have training with the standard Legion Armour, and with the Legion’s iconic Gladius. Extended training is dependent on that person’s crafting strength.

The Earth and Metal crafters are further trained in rank-and-file combat, with strong earth crafters becomings Knights Terra. These Knights use large, oversized weapons, acting a juggernauts charging into the enemy lines. Though it isn’t unheard of for extremely strong earthcrafters to use tremors and the like to gain battlefield control. For noncombat, Earth Crafters also work as Engineers, raising buildings, creating walls and fortifications, and all manner of construction.

Almost every competent fighter has at least some degree of Metal craft. Metalcraft allows the crafter to have an innate sense of all metal in the area, and also gives them the ability to all but ignore pain. Though metalcrafters seem to gain a degree of speed, power, and skill, metalcrafting does not give the crafters these skills, it only gives them a greater degree of focus and discipline. External Metalcraft includes manipulating metal in subtle fashions, such as hardening the edge of a sword to the point wear it can cleave stone, and making shields more flexible to absorb greater impacts.

Firecrafters are the backbone of any Legion assualt. Firecrafters have two main forms of assault. The first is done by the firecrafter working a personal crafting, possibly in cohort with other craftings. It consists of the firecrafter directing his fury to the proper location, and creating a sphere of white hot fire. These are large enough to encompass a mounted fighter, leaving little more than ashes. Anything within five feet is generally metled of set aflame, and anything within that is charred beyond the human capacity to sustain damage.

The second offensive tactic is referred to as a Firestorm. Though generally needing the help of windcrafting, they are the single most devastating form of assault any one crafting can create. By working together on a single crafting, the Legionaries are able to create a growing flame able to hit a cohort for almost a fifth of its strength under ideal conditions.

Woodcrafters act as secondary scouts and archers. They’re manipulation can also almost instantly create tools from wood.

Windcrafters act as the primary scouts and message bearers. Windercrafters of higher ranks can create windstreams, using these to fly. Offensively, windcrafters will use windstorms to aid in the power of a firestorm.

Water crafting has little offensive use. Almost all watercrafters with a Legion act as healers. They can also lend logistical aid, bringing water from the earth for use. In combat, watercrafting is not used at all often. Though it is possible, the natural empathetic link Watercrafters have make them less effective in combat situations unless they have an appropriate level of Metalcrafting to ignore the influence of other’s emotions. The empathetic link is also enhanced through physical contact, and is similarly enhanced if the water being manipulating comes into contact with other persons. Because of the sense watercrafters have of others, they are also used as truthfinders.

The Legions

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